UPDATE: 03 JULY 2024 – NEW CATALOG Dropping THIS Month! We are working as hard and fast as we can to get a new website update and catalog uploaded as soon as possible THIS month (July 2024). I cannot give you an exact date just yet, because we are still pulling stuff from storage and unpacking recent collections we have purchased. We CAN say that this catalog will feature numerous pieces of beautiful WWI “Trench Art,” WWI Painted Helmets, WWI Combat Division Patched Tunics, Some Excellent WW2 Paratrooper Items and a few Edged Weapons. We will also include some very interesting WWII German Kriegsmarine Items and I may even through in a few WWII Japanese pieces that I am currently in love with! There will be much more than what I have noted here, but you will have to wait until the catalog opens to find out! I will keep all of you posted. . . Thank you all very much for your patience and we look forward to helping you add to your collection very soon. – Dan & Trish