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WWI Landers, Frary and Clark (LF&C) Manufactured US Issue Mark I Model 1918 Trench Knife With Original Scabbard. This example was a “walk in”  with a local family at our Greater New Orleans Militaria Show this past October. The family informed us that they had moved into their grandmother’s home in Lacombe, Louisiana and found some of their uncle’s WWII items in a duffle bag in one of the bedrooms. This Model 1918 Trench Knife is One of the items they found in the duffle bag. The family’s belief is that it was painted red during WWII because it was a Paratrooper Jump Master’s Knife. This is simply a thought or belief regarding the knife and we have absolutely no way of verifying that. The family also had absolutely NO idea what their uncle did while serving in the military during WWII. The family DID inform us that their uncle’s name was Johnny Davidson and that he was from New Orleans. It isn’t much information to go on, but at least it is something.

M1918 Trench Knife remains in overall Fair to Good Condition, showing visible signs of age, wear and use. Remnants of red paint are visible to both the blade of the knife and the metal scabbard. Blade shows some freckling, age discoloration and wear to the original blackened finish. Blade is also a Little Loose in the brass grip / knuckle guard. These blades can be tightened via the “skull crusher” nut at the end of the knuckle guard, be we are not about to try doing that. Blade of the knife shows no signs of having been sharpened and there is no damage to the edges. However, the tip of blade is blunted slightly, which can be seen in the photos. Blade and knuckle guard remain straight and very solid. No rust, corrosion or other blemishes present to any aspect of the knife. LF&C 1918 Metal Scabbard Also Remains in Fair to Good Condition showing visible signs of age, wear and use. No dings, dents, rust or corrosion, but it is missing one of the belt pins, which is pretty typical of these scabbards. Remnants of red paint are scattered about the scabbard and can be seen in the photos. Markings remain clear and easy to see. Knife fits firmly and correctly into the scabbard. While by no means a pristine example of a MKI Model 1918, this IS a chance to own an example that has never before been on the collector’s market and stands a slight chance of being researched. 

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