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WWI Uniform Grouping of Private Don Frank Asher, HQ Company, Third Battalion, 22nd Engineer Regiment. Private Asher was from New Holland, Ohio and served in the AEF from August of 1918 until July of 1919. Group consists of PVT Asher’s M1917 Wool Tunic, M1912 Wool Breeches, Complete US M1917 Helmet, Overseas Cap, Framed Original Photo w/ Copy of Newspaper Article, Two Original RPPCs, Two Clasp Victory Medal in Riker Mount, Solder’s Bible w/ 1932 Inscription and Numerous Letters From His Time In Service As Well As A Number of Letters Written Home By His Son Who Served In The ETO During WWII. All items remain in GOOD to VERY GOOD CONDITION. Tunic shows no readily apparent mothing or damage and maintains excellent color. Some scattered light soiling that appears to be water spots. Most visible is to the right chest on the button side of the breast pocket, which can be seen in photos. Bears “US / 22” and Engineer Discs to collar with Large, Attractive First Army Engineers SSI, Red HD Chevron and Two Gold OSS Chevrons to Left Sleeve. Breeches show scattered soiling of the same type but no readily apparent damage. US M1917 helmet remains a very good example with complete liner and unbroken chinstrap. No dings, dents, rust or corrosion. Has aged to a “chocolate brown” patina and maintains approximately 90% of its course sand finish. Overseas cap in NAMED and shows only light signs of age, wear and use. Victory Medal remains in very good condition, but the rolling lock on the clasp is jammed and doesn’t move. Framed piece remains very good and contains an Original photo of PVT Asher with handwritten inscription, copy of the same photo and copy of newspaper article about him. The RPPCs remain very good. One is of PVT Asher standing at attention and the other is of him standing on a bench with another soldier. YMCA Soldier’s Bible shows age and wear but remains solid, bears a 1932 dated handwritten inscription presumably written by PVT Asher to his daughter. The letters cover a large period of PVT Asher’s service during WWI and it appears most were written home to his mother and aunt. His “King George” letter is here in the original envelope as well. There are also a number of letters written home by his son during his training and service in the ETO during WWII. We have not read any of the letters and will leave that up to the next caretaker. Includes several pages of recent recent research. Overall, a great looking grouping that remains in a well above average state of preservation!


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