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WWI First Battalion, Second Engineers, Second Infantry Division Insignia Painted US M1917 Helmet Named To First Lieutenant Edgar Charles Rack. Includes Research. LT Rack began his service in the AEF in Company “B,” of the 304th Engineers, 79th Division and earned notoriety for his brave exploits leading this unit under combat conditions late in the war (see included research below). He would be assigned to Company “B,” Second Engineers in May of 1919 and serve in the occupation forces until late July of that year. This helmet is clearly named to Lieutenant Rack via large letters handwritten in red pencil to the interior crown portion of the helmet shell. His name appears as “LIEUT RACK” on one side and simply “RACK” on the other. A smaller handwritten “Rack” is also visible but considerably more faded than the other letters. Helmet maintains it’s original liner in Good Condition, but the CHINSTRAP Is an OLD REPLACEMENT. This is not readily apparent as the chinstrap uses similar leather to the original and uses the original buckle. Chinstrap appears to have been on the helmet long enough to show age and have staining from green verdigris corrosion near the chinstrap loops. Helmet shows no rust or corrosion and has aged to a dark “olive brown” appearance. There IS a dime size circular indentation to the rear of the helmet that appears to be a bullet strike, but we are not certain. This is the only dent or “ding” to the helmet. Helmet maintains approximately 85% of its original finish and course texture. Large, hand painted Second Engineers Insignia is very artistically done with the Indian Head maintaining very good detail. The insignia remains clear and easy to see with only minimal paint loss and fading. The liner shows visible signs of age, wear and use and is loose in the helmet, but remains in place. No readily apparent damage to the felt crown pad or cotton adjuster portions. Black oil cloth portion shows age and wear, but remains solid and in Good Condition. Leather liner rim shows age and wear but no readily apparent rot or other blemishes. Interior portion of the leather chinstrap remains very solid and undamaged with a portion of the adjustment instruction tag still attached. A portion of the manufacturer lot number remains visible and reads “ZF 3??.” Overall a very good looking helmet that displays very well and is clearly named to a Second Division Officer. 




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