The Ohio Valley Military Society’s “Show of Shows” is just around the corner! We will be located near the end of ROW “T,” Tables 75-80 (Back of the Building). We will be loaded, in fact, OVERLOADED with inventory from the US Civil War – Vietnam. To include a number of German & Japanese items from WWII such as helmets, badges, uniforms, field gear and more! US items will include Identified WWI Groupings, WWI Painted Helmets, WWII US M1 Helmets to Include Paratrooper and ID’d Officer, Leather Gear, Patches, Inert WWII Ordnance, Misc WWII Paratrooper Items, WWI Uniforms and MUCH More. We have a literal ton of inventory and aren’t even sure at this point what all we are bringing. However, we are going to try to bring as much as possible and sell at the best prices that we can! We hope to see you there!