Modern Era Category

We are a retired military family with an extensive background in museology, history and industrial engineering. In every major conflict from the American Civil War to Operation Iraqi Freedom, members of our family have served in the United States military. Since our retirement from military service in 2012, we have continued to expand more and more on the the world of collecting military antiques. The year 2024 will mark our 25th year of buying and selling military antiques and we have now grown Old Patriot Militaria into a true family business in every respect. Every member of our family is deeply involved in Old Patriot Militaria. From our teenage son, to “Grandma” to our “Cajun Family” members in Louisiana, we are all dedicated and work tirelessly to provide you with some of the best military collectables available on the market today.

We continue to work very hard to protect our wonderful reputation and take our business very seriously. We guarantee every item to be original and as described. . . for life! We do not sell reproductions, fakes, fantasy pieces or any item that has been altered to the point of destroying it’s collector value. The foundation of our business is to honor those who have sacrificed to defend the United States of America and protect it’s citizens. We honor these brave men and women by preserving pieces from their military service and would never in any way, shape or form do anything to cast a shadow on their service or ours.

From our heroes that fought in long ago wars who have all passed into history, to members of the “Greatest Generation” whose thin gray line fades more everyday, we continuously work as a family to place pieces relating to their military service in the proper hands. We firmly believe in the militaria collecting community and know that we all not only work to protect the items that we collect, but honor the lives, memories and service of the individuals these pieces once belonged to.